Food, Food, Food ~~December 11, 2017

and away she goes....

And more food.

Yesterday was a walking food tour of Beirut. We ate ourselves silly and learned a ton about Beirut and Lebanon from Iffat, our truly amazing, warm and wonderful guide from Taste Lebanon. She spent the day with us, from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm (when we even got a peek at the fabulous apartment her architect husband designed near our hotel.). It was a super day, delicious and enriching in multiple ways.

It was just the four of us, plus Iffat, which was perfect. She started by orienting us to the city. The outlines of the sides of the Civil War started to become clear as we looked at the map and charted a course that took us between East and West Beirut.

It was impossible to ignore the remnants of war. Buildings riddled with bullet holes, well known sniper hideouts, a museum of a shelled…

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