Bye Bye, Beirut ~~ December 16, 2017

and away she goes....

We woke up in Nazareth this morning, in an old mansion, once owned by a prosperous Christian, now converted to a guest house for tourists and pilgrims.

The last few days have been tightly packed and I was trying to finish a textbook chapter, so that was where all my writing efforts went. No time for blogs.

But…. our last days in Beirut were fabulous. We spent a day with a guide exploring, starting with the Jeita Grotto. We traveled, first on foot, then by boat, only a fraction of the almost six miles of eerie and glowing underworld. Natural caverns rivaled the world’s grandest cathedrals in size, majesty and the ability to bring you to your knees in awe of a power so great that you cannot fathom it.

To say there were stalactites and stalagmites in that cavern is to say the Dead Sea has salt. Navigating the…

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