And now, Israel. ~~ December 18, 2017

and away she goes....

Five days into our Israeli trip already. I am snug in bed in the Golan Heights, trying to assemble the last few days in my mind.

I’ll just throw out the highlights, to bring us to now.

  • We left Beirut on the 14th. Easy travel through Amman, no grilling by immigration on our entrance to Tel Aviv. Met our guide, old friend Amir Gadnaor, at the Avis counter, picked up our huge van and away we went.
  • Checked in at the Market Hotel in the heart of Jaffa. Lovely hotel. Boisterous, youthful, energetic neighborhood. When Jerry, Amir and I went out to get a bite to eat at 11 pm, we walked blocks of noisy outdoor restaurants until we found one with room for three.
  • We shared calamari, grilled cauliflower in lemony tahini sauce, and a ground beef simmered in tahini. A goblet of salty caramel cream and popcorn was…

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