Good eats in Amalfi and Rome ~~ July 8, 2017


and away she goes....

Amalfi coast

We are off the ship now. It was lovely, lovely, lovely, but it’s great to be in Rome. I am eager to go home in a couple of days. This vacation was exactly the right length, but that will be another blog post at another time. This one is mostly food.

Yesterday (still on the ship) we took a tour in Amalfi to the Emerald Grotto. It was kind of a nice boat ride to get there but much ado about nothing when we arrived.

Scenes from the grotto-bound boat

More Amalfi coast

Lots of famous people live here. The guide said this is Sophia Loren’s house
The roads to get there do not bear close examination
Compared to the Diros Caves we visited outside Sparta, this was not very impressive. One big cave with some bluish light filtering in. I know emeralds. Emeralds are a friend of…

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