Ship’s Galley Tour: Someone’s in the kitchen with Chef Kurt ~~ July 5, 2017


and away she goes....

It may be a cruise staple but the galley tour is one of my favorite things about cruising (right up there along with shopping with the chef.)

We stayed on board yesterday. We weren’t feeling too excited about Crotone, I wanted to make a start in a book proposal and J had a review to write. So work we did and I have to say it felt good and gratifying to push my brain, just a little. Wouldn’t want to go overboard though (well, in more ways than one..😏)

The galley tour was scheduled for 4:45 and since dinner in the Restaurant (the fanciest of the dining venues in ship) starts at 6:45, it was clearly not going to be long.

We met Chef Kurt Timmermans outside the galley. He is especially good at these things — personable, funny, and open. When he is enthusiastic his hands get into…

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