Hi Honey!  ~~ July 3, 2017


and away she goes....

Fearing yesterday would be a rerun of the day before (hot,hot,hot) I decided to stay on board while Jerry took a 7 hour tour of Olympia and had lunch on an olive farm.

In the event, it was a much cooler day with lots of breeze but we probably each still made the right decision. He, who is glued to the Olympics when they are on TV, got a huge kick out of seeing their origins. And he brought me fresh pressed olive oil!!

I completely relaxed on the balcony, listened to the waves that kicked up in the breeze, and actually got some work done. Glory be! Just a little, but it was the kind of creative work I can’t always do on demand — I was ambushed by a good idea so I am glad I was available.

Since I was in the suite working and reading and…

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