Hot, hot, hot in Nafplio ~~ July 2, 2017 


and away she goes....

Yesterday was a blogging holiday. We didn’t budge off the ship in Athens. It was HOT, like 110 degrees hot, so we vegged. It was nice, but not too much to say about it.

Today it was just as hot but we were in Nafplio and I wanted to see it. It’s a port town that was the capital of Greece (1829-1833) before Athens was the capital of Greece, it’s been conquered by everyone under the sun so there is lots of interesting architecture, and it’s a lovely place to visit.

View from the tender coming in From the tender

Nafplion is one of the most gorgeous towns I have seen. The bougainville are in bloom all over and the buildings are lovely, there are castles up in the hills, and the water around it is blue, blue, blue. One of several fortresses we did not climb up to Wide…

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