The Crystal Caves ~~ June 29, 2017

and away she goes....

(Another Mary Stewart allusion. Who knows, maybe this is where she got the imagery for her Merlin books…)

Been so self-absorbed lately — my apologies. Of course this is a personal blog but I can see from the stats that people are actually reading it and I feel some obligation not to bore you with details about my health. At least, not all the time. 😏

Today we hit Sparta — at least we anchored at Gythion and could have gone to Sparta but instead we went caving.

Yes, I, the essential claustrophobe, voluntarily descended slippery wet steps and got into a boat that silently slid through crystal waters in underground caverns.

Darn. That was about me. Sorry. I’ll try again.

The Diros Caves are one of the natural wonders of Greece — if not the natural wonder. The rock formations go back millions of years and animal fossils…

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