I don’t want this cruise to ever end ~~ June 28, 2017

and away she goes....

I don’t want this cruise to end!

Sometimes, if you are lucky enough to get it, a total vacation from real life is exactly what you need. Sort of a much more pleasant and luxurious version of being put into a coma to let your body heal.

Day after day of being surrounded by the most beautiful places I have ever seen, eating clean and healthy, sleeping well, meditating when I remember, walking as much as I can, breathing amazing salt air and hardly paying any attention to American politics has started to restore my weary soul and sick body.

This is what surrounds me at as I write this on our balcony:

That’s the tender, in orange, heading in to town from the ship This part of Greece is a sailor’ paradise with its protected waters and afternoon breeze

This morning Jerry and I took the tender in from…

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