Stick a pin in it ~~ June 25, 2017

and away she goes....

Adriatic Cruise, Day 2

Today we docked in Vodice, Croatia. We did not disembark. The village looks quaint from the ship but sounds touristy in the write-ups and I was anxious to have a day not doing anything at all. So no sightseeing report today.

In fact, I spent so much time futzing around with my last blog post that we missed breakfast. The internet speeds on this ship, despite the fact that we bought the “extended Diamond package,” suck.

So having missed breakfast and it not yet being time for lunch, I skipped pastry and coffee with Jer and went up to the spa to talk wellness.

One of Seabourn’s big deals is to have the Spa and Wellness Center with Dr. Andrew Weil (although like the Thomas Keller restaurant and menus, it is with Dr. Weil only in a licensing/ branding sense as he is not physically present.)…

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