Kotor, city of cats ~~ June 26, 2017

and away she goes....

A lovely day in Montenegro. You know Montenegro — it’s the tiny country whose prime minister Donald Trump shoved out of the way so he could puff out his chest and stand in front of all the other world leaders at the recent NATO conference. That Montenegro. I was kind of afraid to eat in the local restaurants, thinking someone might spit in my food. I couldn’t blame them.
I got up, meditated, and just sat on the balcony looking at the fairytale town crouched at the foot of the hills rising from the sea.

And then I made a dumb mistake. Jerry came in with some fruit and a smoothie for me and I downed them before remembering the pig pills. I had a stomach ache within the hour and it got worse with the day. 🤢

But we were in Kotor, Montenegro, and I really wanted to see…

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