Oman, Oh My

Shuwa — Slow cooked lamb with rice

Omani cuisine is new to me. I don’t understand it very well and I had one shot at discovery, but it seems much more like an Indian/Persian/Afghan hybrid than the more familiar food of the Levant we have been eating. 

Spent the morning sightseeing — the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is spectacular. 

Appropriate attire, right down to the covered wrists.
World’s second largest chandelier, really impressive. Only for the men.
Second largest carpet in the world — but just for men’s prayer. The women pray at home or on a far less majestic rug.
Tom, Gale and Mosque

Explored a souk and found a couple of opals — not local but really full of flash. 

And some frankincense mixed with oud to toss in the fireplace and make home smell like an exotic market. 

Then lunch. We went to Bait al Luban, right in the port where our ship was docked.  In keeping with its name (“luban” means frankincense)  we started with frankincense water, the only part of the meal that I don’t think was a success. 

Started with eggplant clouds — just fried eggplant in an incredibly flavorful yogurt — and potato fritters with a sweet mango chutney. 

Katchori (potato patties with chutney)
Eggplant Clouds

Then the slow cooked lamb, above, some excellent spicy fava beans with fragrant rice and an Omani vegetable curry with chapati. 

Saloonat Khudar (Omani Vegetable Curry) with Chapati

A lovely plate of dates and a selection of unbelievably sweet sweets. 

And that is what I know about Omani cuisine. 

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