Slow Food Bloomington Chefs Dinner


The Slow Food Bloomington Chefs Dinner is coming up this
Sunday at 5:30 at the Bloomington Convention Center. Here’s the menu (subject
to final tweaks and improvements.) The wine pairings are still in the works.
Tickets are available for $100 per person at Bloomingfoods East and West, or
email me if you are out of town.

Looks delicious – as always!
Great food, wine and music — and all for a good cause.  Come have a wonderful evening and help us send our delegates to Terra Madre. If you are in south central Indiana, please
plan to join us!!

Slow Food Bloomington
Chefs Dinner 2008

(vegetarian alternatives available on


Hors d’oeuvre


Pinwheels of Capriole Farms Goat Cheese
and Heartland Family Farm Summer Savory

Gregg “Rags” Rago, Nick’s English Hut


Wibs Cornmeal Toast points with Braised
Fiedler Farm Pork and Baby Fennel


Market Cucumber Slices with Schacht Farm
Chicken Salad


Deviled Red Rosa Farms Quail Eggs


Local Bean and Potato Canapés

Alan Simmerman, Bloomingfoods



Pulled Fischer Farms Pork “Sandwich”

Greg Hardesty, Elements, Indianapolis



Chilled Heartland Family Farm
Cress Veloute with Trader’s Point Creamery Yogurt and Spiced Sesame

Daniel Orr, FARMbloomington



Spring Salad of Local Greens, Caramelized
Peaches, and Boudin Noir, Sherry Vinaigrette

Regina Mehallick, R bistro, Indianapolis



Ed Mundy’s Rabbit Crepinette with
Homestead Growers Mushroom Crepe and Roasted Harvest Moon Flower Farm Beets,
Whole Grain Mushroom Jus

Jeff Finch, Finch’s





Krissy and Christine



Duo of Long Farms Elk, Braised Heartland
Family Farm Cabbage, Wib’s Grits, Farr Ridge Red Wine Vinegar Gastrique

Dave Tallent, Restaurant Tallent



Capriole Old Kentucky Tome Frico Taco

Heartland Family Farm Micro Watercress

Strawberry Gastrique ,

Capriole Soft Goat Cheese Hush Puppy

Tad Delay, Limestone Grille



Dessert Trio:

Chocolate and Capriole Farms Goat Cheese

Hunters Honey and Heartland Family Farms
Strawberry Ice Cream-filled Profiterole,

Raspberry Rose Macaroon


David Fletcher
and Scott Jackman,

Chocolate Café and Cakery

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sarah Almuhairi says:

    Hey Christine,
    I’m getting pumped for Sunday! This is my first year at the Chef’s Dinner and I can’t wait! Note: I think that the crepe from Finch’s is in a whole grain mustard jus (or maybe whole grain mustard mushroom jus).
    Sarah A.


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