Sunny Sunday Lunch


missed my market fix this week, having been at a conference in Orlando from Friday to Saturday, a blazingly hot,
seriously food impoverished city (at least in my very limited, Disney resort-centered

this a.m., before it got too hot here in Bloomington as well,  my husband and I took a leisurely drive to the south shore of Lake Lemon.  Not all that far from the Port Hole
Inn is a farm that we’ve come to think of as our own private market. They pile up whatever is ripe – corn, melons,
tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, squash – and post a price list. You just help yourself, leave your money, and
get a cool and breezy drive around the lake in the bargain.

lunch today was grilled vegetables with cilantro vinaigrette. It was my effort to recreate a lunch I had at
Restaurant Tallent a week or so ago. Tallent doesn’t open for lunch but Dave, Krissy and I had to work on a
Slow Food trip we’re making to Italy in the  fall and he offered to make lunch if I could come by after noon. (And of course I could; no one in her right
mind turns down a Dave Tallent meal.)

was super simple, but super good. All the vegetables were ripe and bursting with
flavor. He just grilled them — cabbage and
onions and corn (the first of the season) — layered some tomatoes with fresh
mozzarella, drizzled everything with a fresh and tangy cilantro vinaigrette, and served it up with some grilled flour tortillas.

spent the next two weeks dreaming about that lunch, but forgetting to ask Dave
what went into the vinaigrette. This morning,
vegetables on the grill, I decided to wing it. I squeezed a lime’s worth of juice into the blender, added about a
quarter cup of cilantro leaves, a very small clove of garlic, lots of salt, and
some canola oil (it was about 2/3 oil to 1/3 lime juice but to tell you the
truth, I didn’t measure.) It was a bit
limey, and I remember Dave’s being almost sweet, so I added some sweet white
vinegar. (I used my favorite chardonnay
vinegar, but no reason a white balsamic or something like that wouldn’t do the

whole thing whirled up to a beautiful frothy green. We grilled the shucked corn directly on the hot
grill along with the cabbage and squash. It was so fresh and sweet that about 8 minutes was plenty.

vegetables, all deep yellows and pale greens, were flecked with cilantro and bits
of char from the grill. They deserve a
better picture, but we were too hungry to wait while I worried about
composition, so I snapped quickly and then we ate it all up — a perfect light
Sunday lunch on a hot summer’s day.

version of the cilantro vinaigrette was great, but I’ll check in with Dave on
the ingredients and if I am totally out to lunch (so to speak), I’ll post a

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mae says:

    Fresh grilled corn… how lovely! I ate plenty of these growing up. Freshly picked from the fields onto hot coals!


  2. christine says:

    Dave says I’ve basically got the vinaigrette right, but he toasts about a tablespoon of coriander seeds, grinds it up and adds it to the dressing. Nice layering of coriander flavors.


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