Laughing my glass off in Murano — June 24, 2017

and away she goes....

Today we head to the ship around 2:00 so I will try to post this this morning. I seem to be in Internet limbo, so no guarantees. My phone is only working on random Italian networks — and not Vodaphone which is the one I have — and the hotel’s system was rebooted at our request, to no avail. I feel like I am lost in the wilderness.

Yesterday was mostly hot. Venice is having a heat wave and with all the humidity, it’s kind of incapacitating for a fragile flower like me. 🌸
We got up at a reasonable hour and had the great breakfast buffet at the hotel. We sat outside in the garden — it was still cool in the shade and the scent of jasmine made the perfectly ripe fruit taste even sweeter.

Breakfast in the garden, Hotel Metrapole

We changed rooms at the hotel to…

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