So You Think You Know Indian Food, cont’d

Frozen pomegranate popsicle, palate cleanser

Indian Accent. New Delhi. If you are planning to be in the neighborhood book it. Weeks in advance. And go. 

If you can’t manage the trip to India, try the one in New York, or hope for another pop up in Tel Aviv. But go. 

It’s a miniature jewel box of a place, in jewel box colors. 

Chef Manish Mehrotra is a genious of a cook. Order the tasting menu and let him have his way. 

The whole evening was pretty remarkable, precripitated weeks earlier by an email from Gale saying, “hey, I wonder if we can get in here.”  Turns out we could. 

Ready to be happy

Started with a some bite-sized blue cheese naan and mouthful of cauliflower and turmeric soup in a tiny gorgeous jet black pottery cup. Bouches were all suitably amused. 

Blue cheese naan
Cauliflower Turmeric Soup

Then came a variation on Indian street food, a way too small mason jar of papdi chaat, exquisite with freaking burrata instead of the yogurt. 

Burrata Papdi Chaat

Then a little “taco” — fragrantly and spicy jackfruit (pulled pork for the meat eaters) wrapped in a tiny chapati. I made it last for three bites and it wasn’t enough. 

Pulled Kathal Phulka Taco

Then Tofu Medu Vadai (whatever that is — a tofu fritter of sorts) with Kafir line gun powder and onion chutney. 

Tofu Medu Vadai

And then potato and soya dish, baked with tiny crunches of chili potato grits. Yup. Grits. Amazingly fabulous. At this point we were still at the stage where we thought we could eat all night. I considered asking for more, but thankfully refrained. 

Baked Aloo and Soya Chila, Chili Potato Grits

Good thing, because we had only just finished the starters. The spicy pomegranate popsicle pictures above arrived to cleanse and stimulate our tastebuds, and then came the main dishes. Jerry had chicken keema, Tom had scallop masala, Gale had wild mushrooms with a paper thin dosa, and I had Chef’s interpretation of mattar paneer — one unlike any I’d ever had before, served with baby kulchas, wasabi yogurt, and dal. 

“Mattar Paneer” Indian Accent

Dessert. Sigh. Black carrot halwa, vanilla ice cream, custard apple cream, followed by some mouth tingling digestives and a small box of sweets to take home. 

Digestives — tamarind balls, spicy dried pomegranate seeds, mango pate de fruit, and something else fragrant and bitter and sweet
Extra treats to take home

And, Bloomington and Florida friends, I am ready to try this all at home!

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