Lying in bed. Can’t sleep at 12:45 am. I think I over-napped this afternoon. But the ship is very gently rocking and the glass doors are open, letting in the sounds of the sea

and the fresh, clean air. Sometimes insomnia is a call to relax and enjoy. 

Food today was just meh. Pastry for breakfast, cookies for lunch and a peculiar Indian menu for dinner where two courses hit it out of the park and the third and the bread were abysmal.

So more cookies for dessert. They are strategically located around the ship — gingerbread houses with piles of cookies stacked around them. If I wanted to prowl in my jammies I’d go get some more right now. 

Also spent sometime today photographing some lovely things on board. A huge coral and turquoise urn, for want of a better word, whose colors thrill me and whose texture draws my fingers

like a magnet. And lovely flowers — calla lilies I think — that are just made for a macro lens. 

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