Hanging In

Hanging In

Fast, cheap, and easy. In the US that describes the way we eat. In France the way they eat is way more time consuming and complex but, boy, the medical system here is a snap.

I am still feeling kind of punk. My hotel called a doctor for me and they apologized that it would take an hour before he got here. Here. To the hotel. And it was just about an hour too. For a house call. Cost 100€, or about $135. Then the lab came by to do some tests. Here. To the hotel. 89€. Results phoned in four hours later and prescriptions in hand (26€.) You know the punch line — feeling better and reassured? Priceless.

Given a choice between fast food and fast medicine, I’ll take the latter every time.

I didn’t eat much today. Jer had the wonderful breakfast downstairs and then a Niçoise salad and Cochon de lait poche, grilled, from room service.

Tomorrow we head out to Israel. Hoping for better days and better meals. If I keep saying that, it will happen, I know!!

Hanging In

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