Like a Kid in a Candy Shop


Ever since I read here about the opening of Goose the Market in Indianapolis I have been itching to get there and last night we finally managed it. Easy to find on the corner of 25th and Delaware, the Goose is a gem of a place, stocked by owners Chris and Mollie with delicacies like these:

  • Local meats. They carry lamb from Viking in Morristown, pork and poultry from Gunthorp Farm in La Grange, and beef from the Sennett Cattle Company in Waynetown.
  • Cured meats. Clearly Chris’s love, there are house-cured bacons, sausages and other treats (including lamb bacon, and even some prosciutto in the works), and imported varieties as well. We brought home some Toscano Salami and some amazing La Quercia Rosso – an “American prosciutto” from Iowa!! Pretty fabulous stuff.
  • Cheeses. They carry a small, but ever-changing array that includes the best of Capriole and Traders Point, but also some treats from farther afield.  We tried the Garrotxa – a sensational dry Spanish goat- and also spied my favorite Taleggio in the case.
  • Prepared foods. These vary too – last night Chris had a calamari salad, smoked trout, roasted cauliflower with truffle oil, and cured olives.
  • Produce. It’s winter, of course, so don’t look for any out-of-season tomatoes and eggplants  here. Instead the bins are full of sweet potatoes, quinces, persimmons, squash, potatoes, onions, and other good things.
  • Dairy and eggs – Traders Point yogurt, milk; Stout’s Melody Acres eggs.
  • Fish – not in stock, but you can special order by Thursday evening for fresh delivery on
  • And more. The downstairs is full of wines, beers, and dry goods. Didn’t have time to look too closely since we had arrived shortly before closing, but I made a quick tour and snagged a jar of Duke’s Mayonnaise. Can’t wait to go back and browse.

Opening a store like Goose the market has been my dream for a very long time. I’ve gotten so interested in meat curing after my efforts at bacon making this summer that I am thinking of going to the Iowa Meat Lab to learn more. And I’ve always wanted a little shop to sell the food finds of my travels. Not sure such a place is ever going to be in my future, but I am going to enjoy this one vicariously for now.

Goose the Market

2503N. Delaware St.


IN 46205



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  1. Lydia says:

    How lucky you are to have such a wonderful market nearby!


  2. Matt says:

    We love the Goose! I just picked up our fresh turkey from them on Monday. They had made gravy and cranberry relish so I bought some of that as well. Chris was going to make oyster stuffing that night so we had to go back on Tuesday to buy some of that.
    They make great sandwiches too. My favorite is The Batali and my wife’s is The Goose.
    Wonderful meats and cheeses. We’re so glad to have a local outlet for Capriole. No more need to mail order the Old Kentucky Tome! Chris’s salmon pastrami is amazing.
    Making soup? They have homemade beef stock available. Ice cream from H2O Sushi and gelatos are also a must.
    Just a great place!


  3. Lori D says:

    Hey Christine,
    Thought of you when I saw this post about makin’ bacon


  4. Sarah A. says:

    Went to Goose last weekend and my mind was blown. FYI — they have a “super secret” not-on-the-menu sampler plate for $10 a person. I came in around lunch time and saw some regulars snacking on a variety of lovelies Chris had artistically placed atop a wood paddle. I REALLY recommend trying one out first thing when you enter the store. It lets you try a sampling of the chartucerie and cheese before you make any “big decisions”(and, at least for me, ensures that I don’t shop with an appetite, which generally means trouble for my wallet and waistline).


  5. tommy says:

    OMG we LOVE the Goose Market!!!!
    it’s heaven on earth


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