Can You?



you have too much asparagus?

No. (Not yet anyway.)

with olive oil, roasted at 450 degrees, sprinkled with sea salt and pepper,
splashed with champagne vinegar.


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  1. Kalyn says:

    Never too much!


  2. Sometimes simple food is the best food. Savory and delicious.


  3. Lizzy says:

    Asparagus is my vegetable candy. I love it!


  4. anna maria says:

    Don’t think you can have too much asparagus. I always steam it or use it in risotto. I don’t know why I never thought of baking it. Hope I remember the next time I have asparagus to cook.


  5. Mary says:

    No, never. I’ve taken to making more than we can eat so that I have some to chop up for salads, but it doesn’t ever work out the way I think it will (full tummy, not enough left overs).


  6. Linda says:

    you can certainly NEVER have too much asparagus, especially prepared in this manner. the natural flavor pops best this way.


  7. matt says:

    Asparagus is a great dish and the way you have prepared it looks awesome! I’ve got a few bunch of asparagus at home and I’m going to follow this recipe tonight to prepare them. One question though… 450 degree for how long?


  8. matt says:

    Christine emailed me and mentioned that we have to watch the asparagus while it roasts. Thanks for the tip! I’m definately making this dish tonight.


  9. Kristen says:

    So simple yet so delicious!


  10. Maybe you all are right — but we just hauled a bunch more in from the garden tonight. Risottos, omelets, quiches, stirfries… what am I forgetting?


  11. Mary says:

    How about soup, custard, white pizza or blanched, chilled and served with dip? You’re making me hungry over here.


  12. Ed Bruske says:

    I agree: We should just eat asparagus until it goes out of season again. But I have to say I never liked the trend to grill or roast asparagus. The flavor of asparagus is so ethereal, I think it gets completely lost over coals or in the oven. Poaching to just-doneness is still my favorite method.


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