are in Palm Harbor, Florida, visiting some  good friends for
Passover tonight. We are not Jewish but
these friends are, and we are here to share and learn and eat really, really

flew in to Tallahassee Thursday and spent a day
in our Apalachicola house, relaxing and taking
a long, long walk on the beach. Wonderful day. Had dinner at Avenue Sea, in  the Gibson Inn (perfectly fabulous food as always, but the usual slow and dodgy

a.m. we loaded up the rental car with empty Styrofoam coolers. Highway 98
(which we live on – the main drag along the bay in the Panhandle) is chock full
of seafood houses, some of which do a retail business. By the time we started the 5 hour drive to Palm Harbor we had picked up a bag of oysters (the oysterman we
bought them from wouldn’t hazard a guess as to how many there were in a bag,
but it was a lot), four dozen fat shrimp, a couple dozen Alligator Point clams,
a bag of bay scallops, a smoked mullet and two containers of some absolutely
heavenly smoked grouper dip from Seafood-2-Go. Hog heaven.

we got to Ronnie’s and Evan’s (where Ronnie had been cooking all day already in
anticipation of 32 guests on Monday) we steamed the clams in garlic wine broth,
shucked some oysters to eat raw, barbequed others, and boiled some shrimp. No fuss, no fancy sauces, just cocktail sauce
nippy with horseradish and some garlic butter.


it all outside to a wooden table overlooking the water and ate it as the sun set. What a feast.


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  1. Yum, fresh like the sea! Reminds me of Tasmania, tiens!


  2. Mary says:

    I have just discovered your blog and gorged myself all in one sitting. Your writing is beautiful. From the goat cheese thimbles and heirloom tomatoes, the Slow Food trip to Italy, falafel and the death of dear Zoë, I’ve laughed and cried away a whole afternoon and part of an evening. I couldn’t help myself. You’ve made me resolve to travel more, enjoy life more and make something to use up the harissa sauce I’ve got in my fridge. I’m also wishing I could have some of the oysters in the photo up there.


  3. Haven’t been to Tasmania, Bea, but there is nothing like the fresh, briny smell of the sea!
    Mary, thank you. Those are mighty kind words, and I am grateful. Also curious about what will happen with the harissa!


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