We lost our beautiful Zoë girl yesterday morning – the kidney disease finally wore her out and her back legs wouldn’t get her up any more.

What that dog has taught me from first to last about gusto and fun and sheer hedonistic delight is nobody’s business. I hope I can bring half the zest and guilt free enjoyment to pursuing my pleasures that she did. She was a truly loving and indomitable spirit, and hungry to the end. Against all odds and predictions, she never completely lost her appetite, and we were always able to find something she fancied. Roast chicken and ice cream, the night before she died. That’s my girl. God, I am going to miss her.

Thanks to all who have asked after her in the last several months. Your good wishes helped keep us all going.


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  1. matt says:

    There’s not much I can say right now other than all off us over here are truly sorry for your loss. We didn’t know Zoe but I am pretty much imagine what an amazing spirit she is – just by seeing her images.
    Hugs to you and your family from me and all my goofy little dogs.


  2. I am so sorry to learn this.
    You must know that her life was better for being near you and your family. And that is about all one can aspire to. It doesn’t make you feel less lonesome though. And it doesn’t kiss you. But I know that wonderful dog had a good life.
    I am so sorry to learn this.


  3. Zoë

    Christine has lost her faithful and beautiful friend, Zoë.


  4. Bruce says:

    Here’s to Zoë. Thank you for reminding us to go through life, no matter what it serves up, wagging our tails.


  5. christine, my heart is with you and your family. you gave zoë the best life any companion could ask for, and in return she will live on in your heart for as long as you live. peace and warmth and comfort to you and your family during this difficult time from me & willie.


  6. Sara W. says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Zoe. Just from meeting her at your house, I could tell she was a special dog. I don’t know what I would do without my two dogs… the three of us will keep you in our thoughts.


  7. jared says:

    I haven’t the words. They all give more than they get, and it sounds as though Zoë was one of ones that give their all. I’m not sure what it is about those grizzled old faces that makes us love them so, farts and all. She must’ve been a wonderful old girl. You had pointed out to me that they become a part of who we are, and stay on inside us. I’ve liked how that idea felt and been comforted by it. I hope you are, too. I’m so sorry for how heavy your hearts are tonight. Our thoughts are with you.


  8. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and caring thoughts. Dog lovers are such wise people; those furry guys teach us well, don’t they?


  9. Kevin says:

    My heart falls! I’m sorry to hear this Christine and I understand what you are feeling. It feels almost like they leave a visible hole, or some gap in the Universe when they leave that nothing else will ever occupy. Zoe was obviously a very joyful spirit and she continues to be one. Remember her as just that and don’t ever let go of those wonderful memories of her love and that lingering scent of puppy breath! Those are our doggies gifts to us! My very best to you and your family.


  10. anna maria says:

    Dear Christine,
    I am so sorry to hear that Zoe has gone – I know how difficult it is. I remember that the first time I read your blog it was about cooking for Zoe and how hard you were trying to keep her interested in eating. Well, you did a great job and Zoe kept on going as long as she could.
    As you said so beautifully back in August, they do so much for us – we try to do what we can for them.
    I wish you all the best.


  11. Alanna says:

    Tears … reaching down to pet my own dog, young thankfully if a bit laid up at the moment. Zoe sounded like one of earth’s great animals.
    This is one of those sappy things from the Internet but dog lovers will understand:
    “I explained to St. Peter,
    I’d rather stay here
    Outside the pearly gate.
    I won’t be a nuisance,
    I won’t even bark,
    I’ll be very patient and wait.
    I’ll be here, chewing on a celestial bone,
    No matter how long you may be,
    I’d miss you so much, if I went in alone,
    It wouldn’t be heaven for me.”
    Zoe’s there, tail all awag.


  12. This is so sad. I am so sorry for your loss. I was not aware.


  13. pikawicca says:

    Here’s to the dogs we love and the wonderful zest they add to our lives. I’ve been there and I feel your pain.


  14. Charmaine says:

    Oh, I’m so sad to read this post. We missed out Winnie so much on our recent trip abroad and it made me think about what life will be one day when she’s no longer at the door to great me after a long day at work.
    Losing an animal you love is never easy, but the one thought I try to keep in perspective is that I know I’ve given all my pets the best possible life. Our Winnie may not live forever, but she’s had it pretty good and taught me a lot about patience, responsibility, and love. I can only say that I’ll be thinking about you and your husband these next few weeks and months.


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