I just had the most amazing lunch – a medley of leftovers from last night’s Slow
Food potluck. Slow Food, if you are just
joining us, is an international movement that celebrates, and increasingly
advocates for, a way of eating that is local, sustainable, leisurely and
fun. Read all about it here, here, and

last night Slow Food Bloomington had its irregularly scheduled semi-annual
potluck dinner. It was like a farmers
market brought to life and put on a plate. The ingredients were fresh and in season and the cooks — Slow Food
members, chefs, farmers, food writers and just plain foodies — were in rare


just some of what we had – bruschetta with a Spanish caponata-like jam of
zucchini, peppers and onions, and a Capriole Farms chocolate bourbon goat
cheese torta to start. Then and these
are in no particular order, a golden
gazpacho with crispy croutons, a creamy, crunchy potato salad and a roasted,
balsamic potato salad, and lots of bean salads –- one of mixed beans with
carrots, one with corn, shiso and a miso-apricot dressing, one of braised
yellow romas with onions, tomatoes, and kalamata olives.

There was a wheat salad with mushrooms and
cashews, an eggplant salad, several tomato salads (one of tiny cherries and one
of heirlooms with fresh mozzarella in a balsamic vinaigrette), and a puckery
Greek cucumber, tomato, onion and dill salad. There were grilled summer squash and eggplant (three kinds!) and roast
leg of lamb with a mint salsa, a rabbit terrine with pistachios, smoked pork
and fresh corn salad with tarragon, a lamb and white bean ragout, and buffalo
and noodles. Oh, and homemade baguettes,
right out of the oven.

then, sigh, dessert. A blackberry and
peach galette with sweet corn ice cream, a peach and peanut tart, a blueberry
cobbler, cookies with dried fruit and white chocolate, and some gorgeous fruit
salads. BLU chocolates to finish.

I had the foresight to pick up zip-lock to-go containers, and everyone could
take leftovers home. But we barely made
a dent — there was still plenty for my lunch.

those who couldn’t make it this time, we will do it again. Local folks who want to be on Slow Food
Bloomington’s mailing list, just holler and I’ll add your name. Non-local folks, check the Slow Food web site
and find a home. We’re everywhere.

[Update — We got press!  Check out Feed Me Drink Me Girl’s report on the dinner here.
She doesn’t say so, but she was the creator of the bruschetta and of
the corn, bean, shiso salad (pictured above in the blue
bowl) —
– yum!!!]

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  1. Lots of yummy looking food here. My first time on your blog, and I am delighted I came!


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