Sauteed Trenne with Summer Squash and Mint



eating out all weekend (there was a 19th wedding anniversary to be
celebrated in our house, among other things) I finally got started on cooking
all the good stuff I bought at market Saturday. Tomorrow we have company coming to help us eat the leg of lamb, which I
will braise with many, many cloves of garlic and artichoke hearts (a Joanne
Weir recipe that makes the whole house smell wonderful all day long), the fried
lemon garlic potatoes that Weir recommends with the lamb, a roasted beet salad
with pistachios, the green beans stewed with olives and tomatoes I made last weekend, and kohlrabi, sliced paper thin and dressed with lemon juice
and olive oil.  Oh, and a blueberry tart.  🙂

tonight we went simple. I decided to use
up the trenne that I had ordered last summer, after we had it for the first
time at Campanile in Los Angeles.  Trenne are like penne pasta, essentially, except
that they have three flat sides. They
lend themselves perfectly to being boiled in salted water, pasta as usual, and then
sautéed so that they get slightly crunchy, kind of the same crunch you get from
the crusty bottom of a potsticker. Campanile serves them with a Bolognese sauce, Tallent (here in Bloomington)  has had them
on the menu with various sauces. They
are hard for a civilian to get her hands on though (I mail order them from
here) so I’ve been hoarding my stash, waiting for the right moment.

Tonight, was it. While the pasta was
cooking, I caramelized a slivered onion in some good olive oil and then added
four medium sized yellow sunburst squash, cut into bite sized chunks. I sautéed them too, until they were soft and
starting to brown, then added salt to taste, a few good grinds of pepper, two
cloves of garlic, minced up, a tablespoon or two of chopped mint from the
garden, and a lemon’s worth of lemon juice. As that cooked, I toasted some pine nuts in the oven until they were
fragrant, and chopped up some goat cheese feta.

the pasta was done, I drained it, and sautéed it quickly in a hot nonstick
skillet with a little olive oil. I had
to do it in two batches, to get the pasta to develop a light crust. I dumped it into a large shallow serving
bowl, added the squash and tossed it together. Sprinkled some cheese, pine nuts and a little more mint over the top.

was it – easy, easy, easy and delicious.

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  1. I’ve never heard of trenne before – cool shape! And thanks for the link on where to buy them online.


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