Beans and More Beans

you ask, what did you do with the rest of those green beans you bought at
Market last Saturday?  (Well, no, you
didn’t ask really, but it’s easier to keep blogging if I pretend that someone
is out there reading this.) 

tell you anyway. I had some new potatoes
left over from the market the week before and beans and potatoes came together
in a gorgeous and delicious salad.

I took some not-too-tasty grape tomatoes I had bought at Marsh, grown
heaven-knows-where (but not here), and cut them in half. I combined some fruity Provencal oil from Les
, and some chopped basil, garlic, scallions, and sweet onion. Salt and pepper. I added the tomatoes and let them sit in the
dressing to soak up some flavor while I cooked the other vegetables. They actually tasted great by the time they
were done (although not like ripe tomatoes.)

boiled the potatoes until they were just tender, and tossed them with a sweet
white chardonnay vinegar
that I love, and some salt and pepper. Steamed the green beans until they were just
past crisp, and dressed them in vinegar and oil whisked together (same vinegar,
same oil.)

the whole thing together, adjusted the seasonings. We ate it for the next three days. It stayed good all the while, but I refreshed
it with some additional vinaigrette and salt and pepper before I served it each
time since it had a tendency to absorb the dressing and taste dry.

the finicking process of dressing each part of the salad separately? The tomatoes needed to gather some flavor
before being allowed into the bowl with my fresh, locally grown ingredients;
warm potatoes are like sponges and if you let them soak up some vinaigrette or
white wine before you put them in your salad, they carry an extra little layer
of deliciousness; and the beans, well, I just didn’t want them to feel left
out. Judging by the final result, I
think they were happy. I know we were.

you asked?

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