Market Lunch

okay, the olives didn’t come from the Farmers Market, but just about everything
else I had for lunch did.

It was a great morning for shopping – not too hot, not too crowded, lots of good music and gorgeous produce
that seems to have made the transition from spring to summer. Just about everyone had beans and I
bought a lot of them. String beans
mostly, but also some broader, flatter Roma beans that were crunchy and delicious
and just begged to become lunch.

The beans were Italian and I wanted them to feel at home.  So after I trimmed them
I cut them in half and stewed them in a little olive oil with a slivered sweet
onion, salt and pepper and about a half cup of water. When the water had
simmered out, I threw in a quarter cup or so of chopped kalamata olives, a
small tomato, diced and a small garlic clove, pressed. Then I cooked them until they were
tender and the tomato and olive oil had formed a lovely sauce. I adjusted the salt
and pepper, cut some crusty bread for the purpose of sopping up that lovely sauce and voila, lunch!

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