My Plate or Yours?


Sometimes, when we go out to eat, the food my husband orders looks so good that I don’t know where to start. “Hmm, honey, my plate or yours?” I think, as my fork hovers between them. He’s a great sport about sharing though, and that’s where all great food experiences begin.

This blog is all about great food experiences. It’s about meals cooked in our kitchen and about meals eaten out, about food adventures here in central Indiana – where you can dine extremely well just on the food produced within 100 miles of us –and those we stumble upon on our travels.

After four fun years as a food columnist at the Bloomington Herald Times, I am trying out this new format for my food writing – one that gives me more  flexibility (sometimes deadlines are deadly) and more options. With a blog I can be long winded or short as the mood takes me, and I can post more photographs, menus, links and recipes than I can in print. Plus, it’s interactive, and I look forward to any comments you want to make – feedback, ideas, thoughts and chat.

Old readers, I am glad you found me; new readers, welcome to my table. Let’s eat.

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  1. Tap, tap, Is this thing on? says:

    My daughter loves this image. Now I just have to figure out how to make it. Or, I could invite the author over to make it for her.


  2. David says:

    The photographs of the food are absolutely enticing. Great vibrant colors. I love it!


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